NDT DMC-Draining Matting Conveyor

Designed for Cheddar, Mozzarella and Manchego types of cheeses.
Other types possible except for Gouda types.

Nordic Dairy Technology is a technology supplier to the dairy industry and developing new solutions and new ways of cheese processes. The goal is to make the advanced process equipment to function with multiple purposes. To give the cheese producers a more efficient and flexible production equipment to produce high-quality cheese with high yield and best profit possible.

The DMC (Draining Matting Cheddaring) during the last 40-50 years been used for Cheddar Cheese and Pasta Filata types of cheeses. There has been mechanical improvements and suppliers has been competing with arguing for the best hygienic and mechanical solution.

Nordic Dairy Technology has the greatest focus on the deep details in the process. On how each product processed to get the best cheese possible.

Nordic Dairy Technology has developed a unique process line for Cottage Cheese that we are alone in the world to offer. The line produces the highest quality Cottage Cheese with 5-10% higher yield than any other supplier does.

We are now following up with an increased use of the DMC technology.

The new development is able to process the following:

  • Pizza Cheese and Block Mozzarella
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Hard and medium hard cheeses that are prepressed without whey before final pressing.

The new NDT DMC Multi is now ready to be used for producing Cheddar Cheese, Pasta Filata Types of Cheeses (also Fresh Mozzarella) and Tilsit types of Cheese.

The NDT DMC Multi advantages:

  • Great variation of layer thicknesses of the curd on each of the draining belts
  • Great variations of the draining belt speed
  • Different types of draining belt fitted to different tasks
  • Stirring of curd or no stirring at all levels and belts
  • Curd cutting
  • Temperature control
  • Made with 1 to 5 levels of draining belts
  • Multiple belts in one level
  • Each belt with separate speed variations
  • Large variations of the DMC house dimensions in height and width
  • Sterile air supply

Our new solution uses the possibilities the principles in a DMC gives. Additional mechanical solutions to prepare these types of cheeses before either filled into moulds or pressed in a Block former.

The NDT DMC Multi for either one of the Cheese types or for all these types to change from one to the other and between them in a day’s production.

This solution gives smaller producers the possibilities to have more variation of production with as little equipment as possible.

A new draining solution for the whey improves the control of whey left in the product and improves the control of water content in the cheese.

The NDT DMC Multi is available in capacities from 300 kg until 5.000 kg per hour.

Nordic Dairy Technology supplies also the full technology knowledge to the client. We help to adapt the process from milk intake until the final cheese leaving the storage in order to optimise the complete process.



The NDT DMC-Draining Matting Conveyor consists of a number of plastic belts housed in a totally enclosed stainless steel body. All materials comply with the hygiene requirements of national bodies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The plastic conveyor's sections are of extremely robust design, with good hygienic cleanability.

The 3 first conveyor belts are of double layer woven polypropylene and give 14% open drainage area via perforations in the belt.

The 4th belt (salting belt) is a hard plastic belt with 10% open drainage area via perforations. The belt supported on stainless steel guides over its full length, which ensures that the belt remains flat in use

Belt  1
Belt 1 follows the pre-drain screen.This to have the maximum draining capacity and introduce a low layer curd of 50-75mm.

Belt  2
Belt No. 2 is another variable speed matting conveyor to deal with a variety of cheese type recipes, with particular care taken in the design of the curd turnover and stretching section between the two belts, this is often referred to as the “Droop Snoop”, which was developed to provide the traditional stretching associated with the cheddar process.

Chip Mill (In use for Mozzarella and Cheddar Types of Cheeses)
At the end of belt No. 2 is a low speed, high throughput “double cut” rotary mill which gently produces regular curd chips without tearing, minimising fines.

Belt 3
Single Lance Salting Section
This section of the NDT DMC-Draining Matting Conveyor contains a further belt (belt 3). The curd distributed evenly over the belt by an inlet chute. At the end of the belt, there is an agitator/horizontal auger assembly and a rotary valve to remove the curd to the moulding stage.

Cleaning in Place (C.I.P.)
The NDT DMC-Draining Matting Conveyor is cleaned in three separate zones – Belts 1 & 2. This is followed in turn by Belt 3 of the Salting Section.


The process line operated by 2-3 persons in addition to personnel for packing and handling of the packed product.

The DMC-Draining and Matting Conveyor is the unit doing the cheddarisation process with automatic salting.
At the end, the curd mass cuts into chips and by vacuum or compressed sterile air the chips blown to a cyclone for each tower (Block Former).
The Block Former is forming the cheese and at the end of the tower a vacuum zone is making the final pressing of the cheese before it is cut in exact weight, pushed out into a vacuum sealing plastic bag and sealed by vacuum.
The sealed cheese blocks move on a conveyor to Robot packing.
Packing made by a Robot (Motoman/Yaskawa).The Robot puts the cheese block into a ripening/storage box and puts the box on a pallet.
Complete robotics solution for packing.





The DMC made for a capacity variable approx. ±20% depending on types of cheese produced.To produce >600 kg of Cheese per hour.The DMC can make any types of cheese like Cheddar and Pasta Filata types.It is also possible to “blow” cheese chips to the existing Cooker Stretchers if the higher capacity for mozzarella balls etc. is required.