Evaporator EPCON


Performance before you buy

For us and our customers it is essential to ensure that the correct technical solution for each and every project. Even though we have an extensive database of liquid properties, we normally follow the procedure to make tests of the milk at our pilot test line.


An evaporator is a 2-3-5-stage falling film evaporator. In a falling film evaporator the liquid to be evaporated is fed into the top of a heated surface, constructed as vertical tubes. The liquid is thoroughly distributed and falls down inside the heated tubes as a film. During periods where the feed cause foaming in the evaporator, there is an automatic system adding anti foaming agents into the evaporator.
As energy is applied from the outside of the tubes, a boiling process evaporates the water in the film, consequently the concentration of dry solids in the liquid increases. The concentrate containing the dry solids is collected in the bottom below the heated surfaces before being pumped out of the plant. The vapour is transported in to a MVR fan, where it is compressed to a higher temperature and pressure. The recompressed steam is used as a heat source for the evaporation process and will condense on the outside of the vertical tubes.



Low energy consumption
• Compact evaporator with a well-proven design providing low building construction investments.
• High energy efficiency, providing low operational cost.
• High processing capacity compared to the system footprint.
• A robust and reliable design providing high evaporation availability.
• No particular building requirements since all component loads are supported on ground floor.
• Easy access for service to all components.




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