NDT-CCV Cottage Cheese Vat

NDT CCV Cottage Cheese Vat drawing


The vat design is based on the principle with a horizontal vat with a horizontal centre shaft, and the curd level under the shaft and shaft seals for an elimination of sanitation issues or contamination problems.On the one side of the centre shaft the stirring paddles are mounted, and on the other side of the centre shaft cutting frame no. 1 with vertical wires are mounted, throughout the entire length of the Vat.

1 with vertical wires is mounted, throughout the entire length of the Vat. By oscillate movement of the stirring paddles or cutting frame no. 1, only one of the tools will be in contact with the curd and whey during operation.

Furthermore, the NDT Cottage Cheese Vat is equipped with a longitudinal moving cutting frame no. 2 with horizontal and vertical wires, and cutting is made in a single move both radial and longitudinal, securing perfect and even cubes.The horizontal cheese vat is in a 3 jacket design on the lower part and single shell design on the upper part, and throughout made of stainless steel AISI 304. The lower part of the tank is provided with insulation.Water Distribution pipes are built into the upper part of the heating jacket on all 4 sides of the horizontal vat, for rapid indirect heating of the curd and whey by means of hot water. The heating water temperature is automatically controlled to a fixed, free programmable ΔT between product and water in order to avoid scalding of the product.The horizontal cheese vat is resting in a saddle/frame construction, with four stainless steel legs with adjustable ball type feet, for free movement of the vat during heating and CIP.Two of the legs are placed on pneumatically operated bellows enabling the vat to be tilted for complete and efficient emptying during production and CIP cleaning.



Total closed tank

Low curd level

High cheese yields

Low fat and fines losses

CIP cleanable




 Other volumes available on request.


NDT-CCV Cottage Cheese Vat