NDT-CB Cream Blender

NDT CB Cream Blender drawing


The N D T Creamer Blender is a totally enclosed horizontal Unit special designed for automatic blending and mixing of Cottage Cheese grains with cream, dressings, spices etc. in a very gentle way, where Cottage Cheese is produced continually together with the N D T Drum Drainer. And is an intergraded part of N D T´s unique equipment for automatic production of Cottage Cheese

Construction features
The N D T Creamer Blender has a specially designed inlet for Cottage Cheese grains coming out of the N D T Drum Drainer.
The dressing can be added completely or partly before entering the grains and/or after entering the grains. The special design of the agitator, together with the special shape of the N D T Creamer Blender house secures a very gentle handling and excellent blending and mixing of the Cottage Cheese grains.

The N D T Creamer Blender is in a triple jacket design on the part of the diameter with product contact and double jacket on the rest of the diameter. The Unit is provided with insulation.
The dimple jacket design gives the possibility of cooling of the product by means of forced circulation of cooling water
The N D T Creamer Blender is supported by four stainless steel legs with adjustable ball type feet placed on weighing cells, for indication of the amount of product in the vat. The weighing cells are also used as part of the controls for the automatic dosing of a pre-selected amount of cream, dressings, spices etc.

N D T Creamer Blender has a special system for improving the efficiency of agitating in a very gentle way and an improved system for emptying.
This consists of a lifting and lowering system at the back end, opposite end of the outlet. During filling the DCB is lowered approx. 200mm at the opposite end of the inlet of the Curd grains and water. During agitating it is moving at the back end 300mm up and 200 mm down from the horizontal level in order to increase the agitating effect with the help of gravity. This will make the total cooling and mixing time shorter than previous systems.

During emptying the CB is at approx. 30% empty lifted approx. 400mm at the back end to improve the emptying capacity and reduce the products left inside the CB after emptying.

During C.I.P. the CB is lifted for improved draining of C.I.P. liquid.



N D T Creamer Blender gentle blends and mixes the Cottage Cheese grains with cream, dressing and spices etc.
 N D T Drum Drainer is a unique product for Cottage Cheese production lines, giving substantial time savings and reduces fines losses and increases the yield.

Total enclosed Unit
CIP cleanable





 2.000  L  
 3.000  L  
 4.000  L  
 5.000  L  
 6.000  L  

 Other volumes on request.