NDT-DD Drum Drainer




The N D T Drum Drainer is a totally enclosed Unit special designed for fully automatic draining of cooling water from Cottage Cheese grains in a continuous and very gentle way and is an intergraded part of N D T ´s unique equipment for automatic production of Cottage Cheese

Construction features
The N D T Drum Drainer Unit is a combination of 3 draining sections:
A draining section 1 consists of a stainless steel strainer plate with Euro slot for pre-draining of cooling water and guiding the grains to draining section 2.
A draining section 2 consists of a special woven draining belt for pre-draining of cooling water and transport of the grains to final draining section 3.
A draining section 3 consists of a special tension roll which in combination with the draining belt make it possible to "squeeze" of the remaining cooling water in a very gentle way. "Squeezing" pressure is adjustable.
The N D T Drum Drainer is designed for mounting on a rail system fixed on a waggon on rails in order to fill as many as possible N D T Creamers in sequences.



N D T Drum Drainer effectively separates the cheese grains from the cooling and washing water and gentle squeeze the cheese grains in order to drain off as much as possible of the surface water of the grains.

N D T Drum Drainer is a unique product for continuous Cottage Cheese production lines, giving substantial time savings and reduces fines losses and increases the yield.

Total enclosed Unit

CIP cleanable in-line


Depending on the applied process, a strength of Cottage Cheese Grains and the water/curd ratio, the capacity is up to 4.000 kg Cottage Cheese grains/hour and 30.000 LTR. Water/hour.