NDT Pasteurizing,Homogenisation, Maturing


Ice Cream Pasteurising Unit

1 Plate heat exchanger for:

- Heating mix from 55°C to 76°C by means mix at 85°C cooling at 64°C

- Heating mix from 55°C to 85°C by means hot water circulation at 90°C

- Cooling mix from 64°C to 50°C by means of tower water at 45°C

- Cooling mix from 50°C to 5°C by means 6000 L/H of chilled water at 1°C

- 1 Holding tube for 40 seconds

- 1 Set of pneumatic valves

- 1 Electrical control panel including:

- 1 Regulator/Recorder for pasteurization temperature

- Control for valves and pumps

The plant is erected on stainless steel frame with adjustable feet


Ice Cream Mix Homogenizer

HST Homogenizer max pressure 250 bar, valve for abrasive products. The homogenizer is complete with:

- electrical motor, control panel, oil-pneumatic stabilizer, pressure gauge, st.st. cover, safety equipment, maintenance tool.




Ice Cream Ageing Tank

Stainless Steel AISI304, stainless steel construction, complete with:

- Slow agitator with double speed

- Spray ball

- Discharge valve

- Temperature indicator

- Membrane probe for level indicator

- Insulated

- Chilled water jacketed


Tanks for Ripple

Tanks for ripple, stainless steel AISI304, stainless steel construction, complete with:

-Slow agitator

-Discharge valve

-Temperature indicator


-Chilled water jacketed