NDT-MRM  Milk Reception Unit


NDT MRU Milk reception unit 


The main objective of the module consists at an extraction the dissolved air from milk, in control of emptying of milk tankers so that there was no infiltration of air into milk, in a measurement of volume and temperature of accepted milk and milk temperature from MRM to storage capacities.

The raw milk, delivered from farms, often contains on the average more than 6,2% of gas on the volume, consisting of oxygen (about 0,5%), nitrogen (about 1,3%) and carbon dioxides (about 4,4%).

This gas mix / the dissolved air is resulted often in inaccuracy of volume measurement of milk, scaling on heating surfaces in pasteurizers (contamination), to decrease in efficiency of degreasing of milk in separators, accuracy loss in automatic normalizers in a stream, by concentration of air in cream (causing inexact normalization on fat content), to scaling in heaters of cream, to premature knocking down of butter that leads to product yield reduction, sticking of free fat to covers of packings, decrease in stability of sour-milk products (serum expression). Various methods of deaeration are applied to the prevention of such undesirable effects influencing production and quality of dairy products.

MRU of the NDT company is made for the elimination of such adverse effect.

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The module is constructed on a uniform frame of stainless steel and consists of the following main components:

• The Plate heat exchanger (can be established at any distance from the deaerator and the pump)

• Reception tank/deaerator

• Pump of pumping of milk, pipe and fitting

• The filter of rough cleaning in an entrance opening

• Temperature monitoring system

• Data collection system (date, time, code, litres/weight, temperature).


Milk reception capacities:   15 - 100.000 L/h
Inlet temp  

  5° - 20ºC

Outlet temp.: 

2°- 6ºC

Ice Water temp.: 
  1° - 4°C
Ice Water Capacity:   20.000-120.000 l/h at 2 Bar


Control System

Central Computer control system for the reception module

Consists of 1 main computer.

The computer is communicating with the reception modules and each other on Ethernet platform.

Graphic displaying of reception modules with “live” data.

Tables for the received milk.

Control of all functions etc.

Collecting and Storing of all data. Milk reception program is Russified.

The computers to be placed in an indoor, dry and temperature controlled environment.

Each computer is supplied with a UPS (Universal Power Supply) for a min. 15 minutes to ensure controlled shut down and non-losses of data in case of power failure.

Characteristics of the main computer:

CPU:                                           Intel better than 2 GHz

RAM:                                           4 Gb

Hard Drives:                                2 x 320 Gb in RAID 1 (mirror)

Operating System:                      WINDOWS 7

Display:                                       21,5” LCD

Equipped with SCADA system for control of the complete process of inspection and treating of milk.This system can, in addition, collect data from more than 5 reception modules.



NDT-MRU Milk Reception Modul