NDT PU - Pasteurisation Unit for Milk 


The described unit is a Turn-Key unit ready to be used with only 1-3 days of start-up. Skid mounted complete unit tested and ready for use. Completely made of Stainless Steel AISI 304/316 and/or better. 

The N D T Pasteurization Units are made to produce heat-treated milk products in the gentlest way possible in order to produce the best products without any destruction of protein, milk sugar and fat molecules.
Fully automated, equipped with complete speed control of flow with a capacity to handle variations of flow according to the different flow of product through a separator and fat standardisation units.
Temperature sensors on product and heating water to control the delta T to avoid any destructions of the protein during different capacities of flow and pasteurisation temperatures.
Equipped with pressure control, temperature control and divert valves according to the latest European Unit Hygienic legislations with documentation of temperatures and events.
Controlled by a Siemens PLC and Touch Screen control panel.
It is only needed to connect water, steam, electricity, drain and cream/C.I.P. inlets and outlets to make the unit ready for running. Delivered as a complete unit as shown in the attached flow diagram. All Plate heat exchangers, pumps and valves are brand Alfa Laval. Flow transmitters, level controls of brand Endress+Hauser and other sensors of brand IFM. Siemens PLC control.



The Unit consists of the following main components:
- 1 pasteurising unit including 1-2 regenerative sections,
1-2 pasteurisation section and 1-2 cooling section.
See attached specification.
- 1 Circulation unit for the pasteurisation section of the Pasteur includes a compact
heat exchanger for steam/water, regulating valve, circulation pump, buffer container
for circulation water with level control and automatic dosing of water, temp. sensor
for delta T control of hot water for milk/cream.
- 1 Balance tank,  with lid, level control, C.I.P. spray ball for maximum
C.I.P. cleaning.
- 1 Circulation pumps for cream with frequency control to maintain correct speed
according to the set capacity
- 1 Holding Cell for holding the pasteurisation temperature. Made of Stainless Steel ΓΈ38 mm Dairy pipes, insulated to
ensure as little temperature losses as possible.
- 1 Internal piping for product and water. 
- 1 Set of Stainless steel valves for choice between internal C.I.P. or external C.I.P.
of the Pasteurising Unit.


from  500 till 50.000 L/H


NDT-Pastrueisation unit