NDT Tanks

NDT Storage tanks

They are sometimes placed outdoors. In these cases, tanks are insulated. Some storage tanks are equipped various types of agitators and monitoring and control equipment.

Insulated design:
100 mm insulation
The tank is made of stainless steel, AISI304. It has 20° cone type top and bottom and is equipped with a centrally located outlet. Shell and bottom are insulated with mineral wool and covered by an outer shell of full welded stainless steel, EN 1.4301.
The tank is supported by tubular stainless steel legs with adjustable ball type feet.
Internal Finish:
Top, shell and bottom: 2B with polished welds, 2-4 mm.
External Finish:
Top and shell: 2B with polished welds, max. 2,0 mm.
Bottom: Oil polished, only tanks with insulation.
Tank fittings: Brushed welds.
o Airvent
o Circular manway on tank side
o Anti-vortex device
o Cleaning turbine
o Light fittings
o PT-100 temperature sensor
o Level transmitter
o High and Low-level sensors
o Stainless steel support plates for feet
o Horizontal agitator
o Motor cover for agitator
o Sampling valve
o Service platform
o Valves and pumps according to PID

NDT Reception Buffer tanks

NDT Cream Storage Tank

NDT Salt Water tank, Brine tank with the dosing system NDT Storage tank (AISI316L) for salt water with the agitator, level control, high and low level, dosing pump, flow meter, valves and automation connected to the cheese line automation for automatic and accurate dosing. Salt water is dosed to the cheese vats through the CIP spray balls or milk inlet. Salt water is dosed to the PPMF - Pre-Press and Mould Filling Machine through spray nozzles installed at the curd inlet of the PPMF. All parts made in stainless steel AISI316.

NDT Mixing tanks are used for mixing different products and adding and mixing of ingredients to the product. Agitators for mixing tanks are designed to suit the specific application.


NDT Process tanks

There are many different types of process tanks. The application determines the design. Features are some form of agitator and temperature control.

NDT Fermentation Tank

Cooling and agitating of high viscous milk products.
The milk enters at the fermentation temp.
Culture is added and mixed in the tank.
When fermentation period is passed the agitation and cooling in the tank is started.
When the product is ready to be cooled further down for packing, is pumped through a Tube Heat Exchanger either for cooling and further to the buffer tanks before packing machine or through a Tube Heat exchanger for heating to 65°C for a long shelf life yoghurt.

• Availability of the stirrer capable to agitate milk in vertical and horizontal planes; tubular type with paddles.
• Stirrer speed: n=36 rpm
• Slow-speed stirrer with a worm gear for product agitating (all volume).
• Completely manufactured (internal tank and case) of stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301).
• Corrosion-proof tank with smooth inner surfaces, rounded corners and polished weld seams.
• In the upper part of the tank there is a fitting pipe to supply washing solutions. The washing head is fixed inside.
• In the upper part of the tank part there is a manhole with the system for installation of a non-contact switch (Ø19 mm).
• Control panel for automatic processes of heating, cooling, mixing – at setpoints (by the set program) with possibility of regulating the processes in each fermentation tank.
• Corrosion-proof frame and service platform for the tanks.
• Refrigerant – ice water.

 Refrigerant parameters:

o Temperature at inlet: + (1-4) °C
o Pressure at inlet: to 0.4 MPa
o Pressure of washing solution at inlet: 0.3 MPa.
• Alarm system at the set acidity of milk.
• Tank jacket embraces cylindrical (90 %) and cone-shaped parts (100 %) of the tanks.
• The jacket has fitting pipes with a threaded coupling, nut cone Ø35 mm.
• Washing head of high pressure provides for excellent cleaning of the tank interior.
• Control panel, IP 65 protection, is equipped with:
o Motor control unit (protection of the motor, contactors).
o Alarms.
o Control panel all in cables.
o Availability of the temperature transducer (heat-variable resistor) mounted at 500 mm above the tank bottom.
• In the upper part of the tank there is a inlet fitting pipe to supply the product on the inner wall (threaded coupling, nut cone Ø35 mm).
• At reaching the upper level milk supply is discontinued in each fermentation tank.
• Bottom shape – conical with the outlet in the center. There is a fitting pipe in the lowermost part of the cone to drain the product (threaded coupling, nut cone Ø50 mm).
• Outlet fitting pipe is located at 350 mm from the floor.
• Cooling or heating of the product in the process of fermentation or ripening.
• C.I.P. Cleanable. Washing system (rotating washing head).
• Insulation 60 mm thick (Rockwool).
• Regulated tank supports.
• Four (4) supports with regulating screws.

NDT Culture/Starter Tanks

NDT Culture/Starter Vats are made in Stainless Steel AISI 304, total closed edition with sterile filtered air inlet from compressed air, manhole equipped with Scraper Agitator, Temperature Display, heating/cooling jacket and automatic valves for heating or cooling. Temperature control is automatic with the control panel.
Included is the heating circuit unit with plate heat exchanger and the circulation pump for the Hot Water circulation system.
The Culture is pumped from the tanks with a centrifugal pump directly into the milk line to the cheese vats and the amount of culture is measured automatic by a Flow Meter. Dosing of culture to the Damrow line and the new line.

Measuring of pH is done manually.
Start/stop of heating and cooling is done by push buttons.
Set points for temperatures and timers are set in the operating panel.
Temperature set points possible in the range of 2° - 96°C.
Time set points possible in the range of 1 min. to 48 hours.
Equipped with Bacteriophage steaming system.

Function description:
The tanks are filled with milk from Cheese Pasteur and heated automatically up in the tanks to a max. 96ºC. Heating by Hot water Circulation in the Tank Jacket.
When heating time is over cooling in the jacket to the preset temp. is started automatically. The first cooling can be done by ordinary water or by Ice Water.
The Bacteria Culture is added manually when the temp. the setpoint is reached.
When time alarm shows culture time is over, the operator checks the pH manually and starts cooling with Ice water by pushing the cooling button on the operating panel.
When an operator has marked the Culture Tank as accepted in the operating panel, it will automatic used for dosing of Culture to the Cheese Milk in line while milk is filled to the Cheese Vat.
The Culture Tanks are C.I.P. cleaned.


NDT Turbo Mixer Vacuum Tank

The Turbo Mixer vacuum Tank has the purpose of by vacuum dose the correct volume of concentrated whey, oil from the  N D T   BOM – Butter and Oil Melting Unit and from the Powder Dosing tank.

When all ingredients have entered the Turbo Mixer it keeps the vacuum in the tank and starts the mixer. The mixer is a specially designed mixer that can mix and partly homogenise liquid, powder and oils to a homogeneous mass without any air and without any separation. 
The mixer is made of stainless steel. Parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316, the rest of AISI 304. It is outside with smooth grind welds in sharp bands combined with a mat surface. 
Inside with smooth grind welds and fine brushed surface.
The mixer has the plane top, cylindrical tank wall and conical bottom. The tank wall is with 50mm insulation and all welded stainless steel covering.
The tank is constructed for 90% vacuum and maximum pressure in the tank is 0,1 bar at 100 C°.
The mixer is equipped as following:
o Ø63,5 mm outlet in tank bottom, butterfly type.
o One PT 100 sensor.
o The lid on top.
o Safety switches on the lid.
o Sight glass with light and wiper DN65.
o 4 Digital Load cells for accurate content measure
Bottom mounted high-speed Mixing device consisting of:
o The motor base for carrying all on one system with adjustable legs. 
o 22 kW motor with the frequenz inverter, 3000 r.p.m., 3x400 V, 50 c/s.
o V-belt drive.
o Mechanical shaft seal.
Product side:
o Vacuum pump, capacity 100 m3/h.
o Hose connection.
o Vacuum pipe.
o Automatic valve for the vacuum pump.
o Combined pressure and vacuum gauge.
o Excess pressure valve.
o Non-return valve.
o Valve for air ventilation.
Water supply side:
o Ball valve.
o Filter.
o Equalising valve with the pressure gauge.
o Solenoid valve for automatic water supply.
o Silencer.