Designed for standard Milk and Juice according to EU rules and described processes. 



Consisting of:

• Product feeding pump.
• UHT section with indirect heating.
• Valves for temperature control.
• Holding tube.
• Back pressure valve.
• Flash chamber.
• Vacuum system.
• Condenser.
• Set of regulation equipment.
• Product outlet pump.
• Plate heat exchanger for cooling down to 25º.
• Electrical control panel.
• Set of stainless steel pipes, valves and fittings.

The Unit is pre-assembled in our workshop and tested with water. On the site, only the service connection has to be connected. Commissioning is adjustment to actual



NDT has the needed approvals from the Danish Labor Inspection to manufacture pressure holding plants which are dimensioned according to EU Standard.

The examination during production period is done by the Danish Authorities, according to the Danish Labor Inspections departmental order No. 746 of the 26. November 1987.

All stainless steel material used in pressured areas is documented with 3.1.b. Certificate.


• badge and documentation according to directive 98/37/EF.

• The construction according to DS standard 458.

• Electrical components according to EN 60-204-1

• Design according to EHEDG requirements.





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