NDT-VD Vacuum De-aerator Unit


Construction Features

The NDT vacuum De-aerator has a special design to improve the effect of removing dissolved air, gases and bad smell from milk products during heat treatment. Using thin film technology and a controlled vacuum with strict level control ensures the high capacity of this unit.
Constructed to be operational at product temperatures from 45°C to 80°C.

Includes vacuum pump, valves for product and C.I.P., outlet/booster pump, level controls, vacuum control etc. to ensure a full functional unit.
C.I.P. cleaned either alone or as a part of its connected units.
All parts in contact with product made in Stainless Steel AISI 316 or better.



Inlet at the top through a regulating valve for regulating the thin film over a large area for maximum effect.
Vacuum can be adjusted according to capacity and temperatures.
Cooling of the distillates at vacuum outlet side to cut the losses of liquid through the vacuum system.





Capacity range of 5.000 l/h to 30.000 l/h with frequency controlled pump to maintain constant capacity.




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