NDT Conveyor for whey draining



Functional description
Curd / quark produced in the cheese vat is drained through a special filter on the first conveyor. Whey is effectevely drained off.
Curds grain are after the major draining fed on the draining belt and moved over to a second conveyor for additional draining and acid/moisture control, then to the third .
Third conveyor system has a drum pressing system for tvorog. Pressure between the belt and the drum is automatically regulating the drainage .
In contact with the supporting pipeline grid, Curds grain moving on the belt at an specific angle to improve the drainage of whey and cooling.
Each pipeline has a cooling system Curds grain 40 ° -10 ° C.
Speed of conveyor belts and flow of ice water can be adjusted.
At the output of each conveyor is mounted temperature control of the Curds grains. These conveyors are drying and cooled curd grains .
You can adjust the speed of conveyors to control the acidity before mixing.
In all three conveyors has curd grain cooling with ice water (1 ° -3 ° C). 
Curds grains transshipped from one conveyor to another in order to ensure complete draining of whey and cooling required .
Whey discharge conveyor NDT - a special device for draining whey from different types of cheese. Design is ideal for drying grain soft characteristic of most types of soft cheeses , such as traditional cheese, cottage cheese paste ( quark ) , camembert , brie, feta , etc.
The mixture of whey and grain is fed into a special filter and then whey first drain belt which flows down the remaining whey .
Drain Belt made of polypropylene approved for the food industry, and moves with a variable speed gear motor controlled by a frequency converter. Whey is collected in a tray to the return pump. Drained curd grain falls from the drain belt at the end of the conveyor belt.
Pipe cooling system under the belt also acts as a support for the belt. Cooling rate can be adjusted. At the end of temperature control of the conveyor is made of grains.
Housing, base and lid are made of AISI 304 cold surfaces are treated to 2B, and welds polished to 180 grit .
All parts in contact with the product resistant to common detergents



Adjustable capacity from 1.000 kg/h to 3.000 kg/h.


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