NDT O-Double Cheese Vat Dish-Bottom Version

 Cheese Vat Double O



Vertical jacketed and stainless steel clad vats, supported by stainless steel legs. Equipped with a top mounted agitator with bottom bearings and two centre outlets for the dish-bottom version. All Cables are put in open Hygienic Stainless Steel Cable Trays for better Cleaning and Hygiene.

The Cheese vat is heated by direct steam through a special spray film pipe system in the bottom of the Vat in a way that the steam is evaporated directly on the inner jacket of the vat. This ensures a high efficient heating system without any burning on the inside of the Vat and with a high-efficiency energy use.
No mechanical components used except the Steam valve and condense return system.
This system has with great success been used since the introduction of the Double-O vat in 1972.
One - Driving unit placed on top of the vat, consisting of two gearboxes and one electrical 1,5 kW motor. The motor speed is variable through a frequency converter between 1 and 10 RPM. Two - Bottom bearings made of PTFE for guiding the agitator.
 Automatic Operating Panel:
One automatic control panel for automatic cheese making and control of the vat, equipped with automatic valves.

All functions are operated from the OP-panel, both automatically and manually.
Fully programming of cheese manufacturing for up to ten (10) programs and 1 (one) CIP-program



Advantages of the specific diameter of the Double O's and the dish bottom construction:

- Better control of agitating
- Mor gentle agitating
- Better control of cutting
- More even curd grain size
- Better adjustment of the curd grain size
- Easier emptying of the curd grains
- Higher yield
- Low amount of fines
- High transfer of Fat and Protein to the curd
(lower fat, protein and fines in the whey)


 1.000 L - 30.0000 L


Cheese Vat DoubleO Brochure