NDT Tanks for Quark and Tvorog Line



Mixer tank

Mixer tank for Tvorog, fruits, salt, dressing etc. (additives)

Insulated Vacuum tank with cooling and gentle mixing agitator.
The tank is equipped with a vacuum pump system to obtain 600-900mBar vacuum during mixing for an optimal mixing results without any air in the product.
The tank is placed on load cells for accurate weight control and dosing control.
Equipped with level sensors and temperature sensors.

The tank is made complete in AISI 304L.


Whey Storage tank

Whey Storage tank

Insulated design:
100 mm insulation
The tank is made of stainless steel, AISI304. It has 20° cone type top and bottom and is equipped with centrally located outlet. Shell and bottom are insulated with mineral wool and covered by an outer shell of full welded stainless steel, EN 1.4301.
The tank is supported by tubular stainless steel legs with adjustable ball type feet.
Internal Finish:
Top, shell and bottom: 2B with polished welds, 2-4 mm.
External Finish:
Top and shell: 2B with polished welds, max. 2,0 mm.
Bottom: Oil polished, only tanks with insulation.
Tank fittings: Brushed welds.

o Airvent
o Circular manway on tank side
o Anti vortex device
o Cleaning turbine
o Light fittings
o PT-100 temperature sensor
o Level transmitter
o High and Low level sensors
o Stainless steel support plates for feet
o Horizontal agitator
o Motor cover for agitator
o Sampling valve
o Service platform
o Valves and pumps
o Inside dimensions: ø3.000x4.00mm

Details in construction to be agreed upon during technical discussion of the project.