NDT Sterile Air Systems



NDT Sterile Air Solution is made to produce sterile and to blow this sterile air to the each of the closed units in this supply. Capacity to fit future possible added equipment as shown in the Lay-Out.
The sterile air is supplied to each unit through a stainless steel pipeline system and inserted into the equipment either through the CIP spray nozzles or a dedicated inlet for the sterile air. The sterile air is added to the equipment to replace the air inside after CIP and to replace atmospheric air with sterile air in the equipment during production. The sterile air is inserted in a volume to obtain a slight overpressure inside each unit.
The sterile air system can be sterilized by steam.

NDT Sterile Air System consists of the following main equipment:
- 2 Blowers with electrical motors build in noise reduction cabinet
- Inlet particle filters for the blowers
- Particle filter for the air to the equipment
- Pollen filter for the air to the equipment
- Sterile Air filter for the air to the equipment
- Stainless Steel Valves for inlet of the sterile air to each unit
- Dedicated stainless steel pipe line for the sterile air to the equipment