NDT Bluе Cheese Units



NDT O-Double Cheese Vat, Dish-Bottom Version.
Vertical jacketed and stainless steel clad vats, supported by stainless steel legs. Equipped with a top mounted agitator with bottom bearings and two centre outlets for the dish-bottom version. All Cables are put in open Hygienic Stainless Steel
Cable Trays for better Cleaning and Hygiene.


 NDT Whey Drainer for Soft Cheese Types.

Curd and whey are delivered from the cheese vat and distributed across the width of the drain belt, where the whey is drained of.
House, rack and lid are made of stainless steel AISI 304, in cold rolled 2B surface with welding lines polished grain 180.
The belt is a food and USDA approved polypropylene belt, which is resistant to the ordinary cleaning agents as lye and acid.
The belt is operated by a variable gear motor, so the speed can be adjusted to the wanted discharge speed. There are built-in CIP nozzles in the lid and under the belt, so there is a possibility for an effective cleaning.
There is a very gentle and no mechanical treatment of the Curd in N.D.T. Whey Drainer.

Filling Multi Moulds

NDT Filling Table

Function description:
The curd is coming out of the Whey Drainer and through a distributor at the outlet. The Curd is then distributed manually and levelled in each multi-mould by the operator. The multi-mould manually stacked.The filling table is a Stainless Steel table with size and guides according to the size of the multi-moulds and the height is adjustable from 700 mm to 900 mm.NDT Multi Moulds for soft cheeses.Stackable, multi moulds placed on a bottom frame.

NDT Stack turning machine with manual stack loading.

- Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel.
- Designed to turn complete cheese cassette stacks 180.
- Constructed to meet strict hygienic standards and CE norms for operator safety.

The complete stack with multimoulds with a stainless steel pallet at the bottom and on the top is placed in the turning unit.
Safety grid is closed and the turning is started by a push button. A safety lock system locks the stack in the turning unit.
An electrical gear motor turns the unit slowly 180° and stops.
The safety grid is removed and the complete stack is moved in storage position.

C.I.P. Vat for Mould Cleaning

The Cleaning Vat is calculated for Cleaning of 1 batch, 2 complete stacks. NDT Closed Cleaning Vats is entirely made in Stainless Steel AISI 304. It is provided with insulated Jacket.
The Vat has an indication Scale of Volume on the inside. Legs are adjustable.
1 outlet valve. 1 circulation pump and nozzles inside the vat for circulating and heating of the Washing Fluid and making turbulence in the Vat. This is for increasing the effect of Cleaning.
The Cleaning Vats is supplied with a simple temperature Control.

Brine System

NDT-Brine vats for Blue Cheese with crane and circulation system for brine

The brine vats are made of Stainless steel 316 to fit 10 batches.
Includes a unit to dissolve salt into water and a circulation unit for pasteurisation, cooling and filtering the brine.
The cooling unit is integrated with a Pasteur unit unit of the brine. Pasteurization of brine can be chosen to run continuous or just for a specific period of time.
The mechanical filters are double filters and the exchanges between the filters are
done by manual valves. The filters can be delivered with filtration of 0,1mm particles. Dimensions to be agreed upon. Several varieties.
The circulation system has a buffertank of 10.000 ltr.
Includes an electrical crane for lifting the racks in and out of the brining vats. All equipment made in Stainless steel 316 except from the heat exchanger in Titanic plates and the crane motor elements which is epoxy coated for this kind of environment.
For an additional price a vibrating sieve as filter system can be delivered.

Salt dosing unit and Brine making

Dosing of salt and emerging of salt in a special mixing unit inline in combination of preparing a batch of salt water. Continious salt concentration control of 19-22%.
Salt can be automatic dosed from the salt mixing unit from ordinary sacks or from “Big Bag” (>1.000kg)

NDT-Circulation and Cooling System

Automatic circulation system from existing Brine buffer tank with temp. control.
This circulation system is adapted to the described Brine vats with optimal circulation system of brine that ensures an effective cooling and salting of the cheese in a minimum of time.
Contains necessary pumps, valves, mechanical filters, heat exchanger and control system.
Made of Stainless Steel AISI 316.

NDT-Brine tanks

Blue Rack

NDT Blue Rack transportable racks for drying and ripening of Blue Cheese

One rack is made for 1 batch of Blue Cheese.
Includes plastic bars for holding the cheese and manual turning of the cheese from the side of the rack.
Used during drying and ripening of the Blue Cheese.
Made of stainless steel AISI304. Includes 4 wheels for easy moving of racks.

Washing unit for the NDT BlueRack

Build as a closed cabinet with doors.
Consists of a high pressure washing unit ifor automatic cleaning of the NDT BlueRack.
Supplied with 230VAV and water.

Double Piercing unit for Blue Cheese

The cheese is put on a table and the bacteria culture is covered on the surface of the cheese. The needles that pierces the cheese is pushed by a pneumatic cylinder and activated by a push button.
Made in Stainless steel 304.