NDT Cheddar Units



Finishing Vat

NDT FV - Finishing Vat with Curd Cutter and Curd elevator
The NDT FV - Finishing Vat is designed to perform curd conditioning, whey drainage, salting of curd and mellowing steps for milled cheddar and stirred curd types of Cheeses. Several application possibilities for different types of Cheeses by the use of different cutting and stirring tools and outlet pusher.
Construction features
The Curd and Whey mixture enters the Finishing vat from the Cheese Vat either by gravity or a pump.
Whey is drained off through the centre draining tray in the Finishing Vat. Curd is mattered and milled continuously before salting. Different tools can be attached to overhead trolley for pre set positions and speed settings in order to adapt the process to teh different types of cheese.
After the milling, salting and mellowing time the curd is removed to the end door by a curd unloading pusher. The curd is moved into the attached curd cutter and mover in order to move the cut curd to different units for final treatment of the curd mass.
A flexible system for different types of cheeses for milling, maturing and salting. Gives good control of the pH and salt content and provides a high quality curd mass for further processing.
Technical data
The line consists of the following main components:
-       2 curd paddles
-       2 cutting tools
-       2 stirring tools
-       1 curd unloader
-       Perforated whey drain
-       Whey filter for fines collection
-       Heating system
-       Curd Cutter and auger
 All components are made in Stainless Steel AISI304L or better. 

Pressing Table

N D T  WPT – Weighing and Pressing Table                                                                                                                       
Semi-automatic unit to fill Cheddar Cheese in moulds with accurate weight control with pre pressing in the moulds before final long term pressing.
Construction features
The cheese mould with the filling funnel is placed on top of the weight, and the cheese with
the whey is filled into the moulds. Once the required cheese quantity has been filled in
the filling is stopped by a signal from the weight.
The cheese mould is pushed under the pre-press, and the press cylinder is activated by means
of a two-hand control device. To maintain the pressure on the cheese through the press
cylinder the operator must hold the signal from the two-hand control device. Once the
cheese has been pressed sufficiently release the two-hand control device, and the press cylinder revert to its starting point.
Manual cleaning.
Made in stainless steel AISI304L or better.
A simple mould semi automatic accurate filling and pre press unit for Cheddar Cheese.