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NDT building linkendNordic Dairy Technology ApS is one of the leading suppliers of process equipment within the dairy industry and specialised in developing Cheese Manufacturing Plants for all kind of cheeses.We represent more than 25 years of expertise within the company and strive to ensure continued development and innovation as well as providing our customers with updated know-how and unparalleled services.

Nordic Dairy Technology ApS is a process technology supplier to the Dairy Industry. The supplier of complete production lines.Our base is highly educated and experienced Dairy Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Automation Engineers with decades of experience in the Dairy Food business.We design and deliver single units, machines and complete process lines custom designed for the highest quality final product with a typical yield increase of 3-10%.The focus is on the process itself and to achieve the highest quality of the final product as possible.Custom adapted process lines. The equipment, machines and complete lines are designed and constructed by Nordic Dairy Technology ApS and produced at our workshops in EU, the most experienced and highest qualified Stainless Steel mechanical workshops in Denmark and the European Union.All approved by the Food & Health authorities in Denmark. All equipment is produced according to CE – European Machine Directive and the Standards of HACCP – Hazard Analysis and CriticalControl Point and the recommendations from EHEDG – European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group. 

imagesNDT cottage cheese equipment has been developed and supplied to several EU dairies. The lines are producing cottage cheese of excellent quality.The yield of the lines is very high to compare with a previous version of the equipment. A complete NDT CottageCheese Line is guaranteed an increase of yield compared with other suppliers of 5-10%.We have proven results from clients that show a yield of better than 5,8 kg (average 5,4) of skimmed milk per kg of curd grains with a protein content of the milk of 3,5%.This increase of yield will make a complete payback time of 3-5 years only by the increase of yield.

NDT is the only supplier that can make a guarantee of yield based on the quality of the skimmed milk.

NDT will train the operators in a production of Cottage Cheese on the NDT equipment for the purpose of maximum yield and quality.
Company Overview 2017

Nordic Dairy Technology is Danish company. We have a long experience in a dairy industry. We supplier process lines and equipment all over the world but our main market is the European Union.

We spend a lot of time and resources to develop our equipment. And we can proudly say that NDT cottage cheese equipment is one of the most adventure and profitable equipment in the world. Now we focus on developing cheddar cheese equipment. NDT can supply advantage DMC unit to produce cheddar, mozzarella, pizza cheese etc.  

NDT Automation solutionNordic Dairy Technology supplier automation to process dairy lines and equipment. We know a technology process very well that why NDT automation solution guarantees the control of the process line in view of technology nuances. At the same time, NDT automatization is provided with a high yield.

Nordic Dairy Technology can provide Technology support to start producing a new product or increase high yield and quality of a product.

Our team consist on professional dairy and machine engines. NDT work to do our best for our client.

NDT Team