Complete NDT Cottage Cheese line is progressive and reliable process line and guaranteed an increase of cottage cheese yield compared with other suppliers of 5-10%.We have proven results from clients that show a yield of the cottage cheese better than 5,8 kg (average 5,4) of skimmed milk per kg of curd grains with a protein content of the milk of 3,5%.This increase of yelled will make a complete payback time of max. 2-3 years only by the increase of yield.NDT is the only supplier that can make a guarantee of yield based on the quality of the skimmed milk.NDT will train the operators in the production of Cottage Cheese on the NDT  Cottage Cheese equipment for the purpose of maximum yield and quality. Our lines are produced in Denmark.

cottage cheese line 

NDT Cottage Cheese Line

Cottage Cheese automation line consist in

The NDT CCV-Cottage Cheese Vat has a special construction and design that together with the automated functionality that ensures a high efficient and high yield process in the Cheese vat.The construction itself ensures that a maximum amount of the coagulated mass is cut. The agitator system works in a way that the curd grains are evenly distributed in the whey without building up at the side of the vat. The heating system gives an accurate control of the temperature of the curd grains with full deltaT control.All these details ensure an accurate process control and a high efficient process solution in the Cheese vat that increases the yield makes the highest quality product and the process time possible. 


The NDT DWC-Drainer Washer Cooler is a specially designed unit that was invented by the owner of NDT as early as 1994. This unit has been developed during the years and is now a complete unit that continuously is draining off the whey from the curd grains, washes the curd grains and cools the curd grains to the wanted temperature. Standard to 10°-12° as our recommendation, but it can be adapted and adjusted to the temperature range of 8°C and up.This unit ensures a controlled draining, washing and cooling of the curd grains with no whey left with the curd grains and the wanted temperature of the curd grains. Low mechanical impact on the curd grains with the result of higher yield.Speed control of the draining belt and regulation of the cooling water capacity and temperature.


The NDT DD-Drum Drainer is designed to continuously drain off water from the washed curd grains and to make a pressure on the curd grains in order to drain off a maximum of the water on the surface of the curd grains.Speed control of the draining belt for layer thickness before pressing. Pressure is automatically adjusted to the wanted set point.The NDT DD-Drum Drainer can be delivered on a pedestal (rotating for 1 to 4 Creamer Blender) or on a rail system to be adapted to single Creamer Blender or to multiple Cremer Blenders on one or 2 rows.


The NDT CB-Creamer Blender is delivered in miscellaneous standard sizes. It receives the curd grains directly into the pre-dosed dressing. Speed and temperature control. Gentle agitating makes a complete blending of the dressing and curd grains in the shortest possible time.Includes a lifting system in order to increase the horizontal movement of curd grains during blending and to increase the emptying capacity during packing and C.I.P. Emptying pump is installed directly on the outlet for gentle product handling.