NDT Automation


NDT delivers complete automation solutions.
NDT Automation supplies to NDT and other companies partial and total automation solutions for machines,  
units and complete process lines to the Food Industry.                                                                                                       

We use only worldwide known suppliers for the components and software.

NDT Automation engineers design the function programming and SCADA solution in cooperation with the clients.
We are known to be in the front of automation design using large touch displays for the operators.


Control System

The principles in the control system are that each machine is working independently from the others and connected together to the main overview control panel with a BUS connection. Control of each Machine is done at each machine control panel. The control system is a Siemens S7 or similar.

Supplied with a UPS to cover control system power for more than 15 min. At any power shut down. The UPS system is communicating with the control system.


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