NDT-Cheese Block Cutting & Slicing machin



Key Features
•         Superior cut quality using ultrasonic technology
•         Accurate portion control with minimum giveaway and maximum yield
•         Hygienic, low maintenance and easy to clean
•         Integrates into existing in-line process
•         Enhanced performance option with pre-weigh, 3D scanning and weight feedback


Fundamental to this machine is the ability to cut block products fast and effectively. At the heart of the system is a synchronised top drive ; this device grips onto the back of the block products, typically using vacuum technology. The drive is synchronised with the main cutting conveyor so that product is indexed past the cutting head with high accuracy, ensuring closely controlled portion control and minimum waste. An outfeed conveyor ensures cut products are separated, stacked or shingled, then conveyed away for packing ; waste trim from the front and end of blocks can be automatically rejected.

The autoSONIC-T is suited for fixed weight cutting of cheese, blockproducts.Multiple blocksmaybe processedatthesametime andthemachinemaybe suppliedwithin-linepre-weighingand3Dprofilescanningto provideintelligentslicingofvariablesize products.Products maybemanuallyorautomatically loadedintothemachine according to the in-lineprocess requirements. Customised derivativesofthemachine,withmultiplecuttingheads,are also available to suit specificcustomer requirements.