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The NDT Drainer Washer is a totally enclosed Unit special designed for fully automatic draining of whey and washing and cooling of Cottage Cheese grains in a continuous and very gentle way and is an intergraded part of NDT ´s unique equipment for automatic production of Cottage Cheese

Construction features
The NDT Drainer Washer is a combination of 2 units.
Unit 1 is a draining belt with a special woven belt and the unit is divided into 3 sections:
In the first section of the draining belt, the whey is drained off and the bottom construction secures that the whey can be collected separately without being mixed with washing and/or cooling water.
The second section of the draining belt is equipped with a set of spray nozzles that secures a gentle yet effective washing of the Cottage Cheese grains and simultaneous pre-cooling by means of temperate water.
In the third section of the draining belt the drained, washed and pre-cooled Cottage Cheese grains will be sprayed with cold water through the second set of nozzles for washing and cooling.
Unit 2 is a built-in cooling and washing tank with a set of spray nozzles for final cooling with cold water of the Cottage Cheese grains and pumped with a positive pump for Cottage Cheese grains and cooling water either to the NDT Drum Drainer or the NDT Drainer Creamer.



The NDT Drainer Washer is a combined draining belt and curd washing unit, especial developed for the production of Cottage Cheese and used in batch productions as well as in continuous production lines.
The NDT Drainer Washer will gently and effectively drain off the whey, wash and cool the Cottage Cheese grains in one continuous process, hereby minimises an amount of fines and results in higher yield and lower cooling water consumption in comparison to traditional washing and cooling.
The unique engineering applied to the NDT Drainer Washer offers the possibility of collecting whey, wash water and cooling water individually giving substantial time savings and reduces fines losses and increases the yield.
Total enclosed Unit
CIP cleanable in-line


Depending on the applied process, moisture content required and water/curd ratio the capacity is up to 6.000 kg of Cottage Cheese grains/hour.



NDT Cottec Cheese Drainer Washer Cooler